Our Locations: Lake Placid & Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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Welcome to Precious Petite Puppies AKC & CKC Purebred Chihuahuas for sale

We are Professional Breeders of Petite, Happy & Healthy Chis


Experienced Breeders

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

We are a family in love with chihuahuas...

Our love for these precious creatures was ignited 11 years ago...

Precious Petite Puppies, also called  Becky's Garden of Little Chis is located in Central Florida and these Precious Tinies Chis are raised in a healthy and loving environment, right in our home.


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Our Puppies are healthy and of pure bloodline including a Champion Bloodline from 

Blue Chis Ranch... 

They will be Vet checked and up to date on shots and dewormings according to their ages.

We keep small inventory so that we can manage and give the proper attention to each individual baby as well as the full grown adult.

We feed them Royal Canin


We are Fur-Ever Friend

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

We are Fur-Ever Friend

This is what our puppies are saying:

"We are Healthy Lil' Chis... 

We are Precious, Petite, Sweet & Friendly, Charming & Adorable and we can Be all Yours."

This is a Wonderful Opportunity to Make us part of your family...!

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